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Easy Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

Without an HVAC unit, you can be left exposed to the elements. Whether you live in a warm or cold environment, losing a heating and air conditioning unit because of improper maintenance is not an attractive prospect.

If you rely on temperature control for your home or business, don’t delay upkeep until too late. Read this article to learn some maintenance tips for your HVAC system.

Hose It Off

If your system sits outdoors, it can collect a ton of dirt and grime. If you allow it to sit for too long, you risk damaging internal components. After each season, take the time to hose down the fins and small areas that accumulate junk. Make sure the HVAC pumps Brooklyn NY are not obstructed, or you won’t be able to get hot air. If there are any severe blockages, call a professional for assistance.

Replace the Filter

You should check the filter on your system once a month. This is a simple way to keep your system running cleanly and efficiently. If your filters are disposable, you may want to buy them in bulk to keep on hand.

Get Inspected

A technician should inspect your HVAC system at least once per year. However, if you use it regularly, it is probably best to get checked up every fall and spring before you need it for heavy use.

Keep Foliage Away

Do not allow foliage to grow over the air conditioning unit. Cut back any tree branches or shrubs that are growing too close. Leaves and twigs can get caught in the system, causing system failure.

Rinse the Drain Lines

Occasionally, take off the cover and clean the drain lines with vinegar and water. This will help prevent mold from growing in your unit, potentially lowering the air quality in your building.

It is not difficult to maintain an HVAC system. Keep a professional on-call and clean it off regularly, and you will extend the life of your temperature control unit by a significant amount.