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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Video Voice Over

Finding the right voice over artist to become the voice of your brand can actually make or break a video. Choosing the right voice over is usually a big challenge, especially considering that each person interprets a voice differently. A person’s voice that sounds smooth to you might not have the same effect on another person, but you must understand that you cannot satisfy everyone’s needs. But you need a voice over artist that will provide you with quality recordings to give your business a professional sound and image. Therefore, when choosing a video voice over artist here are some important factors to bear in mind.

When choosing a video voice over artist, you have to bear in mind your target audience. If you are targeting a small group of people, you can survey a handful of artists. However, if your intention is to go as large far as covering the entire nation, you will be targeting many people and you will need to do a more in-depth search for your video voice over. The reputation and portfolio of a video voice over artist is also an important factor, since it will give you insight into what you can expect. Ensure that you listen to samples of an artist’s previous work and ask yourself if what you are listening to has any relevance to the product you want to promote.

The quality of a voice over artist’s recordings is a factor you must bear in mind, but you must also understand that walking into a studio with an artist might be expensive. For this reason, you should ask for unprocessed recordings from a video voice offer artist so you can first-hand listen to what one is capable of. Different people speak at different speeds and pace while also absorbing information differently. Therefore, the speed and pace of a video voice over artist should be a consideration, as this will give your target audience time to understand and digest the message you are trying to pass across.

Choosing a video voice over artists for some products is often quite easy because the products are usually created for a specific gender. However, if you have a neutral product, choosing the gender of a voice over artist is a factor that you must consider. Female voices are often preferred for products video voice over commercial projects that seem to convey a less aggressive and more persuasive approach. When choosing a video voice over, you must factor in the long-term suitability; an artist should be able to remain relevant and available to work with you for years to come.

A large percentage of the message being passed across is often delivered by the tone of the voice of the artist delivering it. Considering the tone of voice of a video voice over artist as this will determine how the message is delivered. You can always achieve this by giving your artist the direction regarding the tone you would like to be used, to clearly represent your brand. Accent can also have a major effect on how well your message is received and for this reason you should consider it. If your target audience is people from your business locality, you can use an artist with local accent. Similarly, if you are looking to go nationwide, a video voice over artist that represents the country you are trading in will be more beneficial. Perhaps you are now ready to choose a video voice over artist by considering these factors.

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