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There are several countries that have national adoption awareness months. These are good times where adoptive mothers grow their awareness and honor mothers who have given birth.

Biblically, Mosses was the first adopted baby. Moses is mention throughout the bible but her mother, Jochebed Is hardly mentioned. Following an order by the Egyptians that all Jewish first born to be executed, Jocheded hid mosses for three months.

This was however short-lived. Mosses could soon draw attention through movements or cries. Her mother chooses to let him float at the edge of river Nile that rather dying a brutal death in the hands of the Egyptians. She knew that he would drown or be mauled by the Nile crocodiles. But she had hope and faith in God. He was luckily found by Pharaoh’s daughter who became kind and impassion for the infant baby. Despite the brutal situations at the hands of the Egyptians and putting faith in God, she chooses the best scenario to try and give her baby a second chance for life.

Whether biblically or in the modern society, birth mothers should be celebrated. Birth mothers are honored because this is the humane way to do for the sacrifice and suffering they undergo to see us prosper in this world. Other societies also honor adoptive mothers. As an adoptee, you should honor the child birth mother or else you will cause your child great pain threatening your relationship.

You don’t have to hire the child’s mother as a nursemaid to honor her or even meet her to have a conversation. This is not right. Honoring her simply means telling her the truth, not just an imaginative story to make her happy. Tell her a complicated real story where you have had joy and grieving and this will surely last for a long time.

Honoring can be in the form of accepting your child success, the child can wear something that will reflect in their mind and remind them that they were loved by somebody else even before you. Let your child know that her mother is and would be proud of her. You should at times compliment and tell the child that she poses the qualities of her mother.

A child birth mother can be honored in uncountable ways. You will also get countless rewards in doing so. Although honoring is done once a year during National Adoption Awareness Month, whenever you honor is not what matters. It’s not too late; you can do it at any time. Mosses took about 40 years to honor her mother. Start honoring your child birth mother as early as possible as it will bring healing and deepen the relationship.

By honoring the baby’s mother, you are building a strong foundation that brings the baby into your hands from her. You should have hope and trust in God to help you and you will find healing. You model Gods love through honoring. This love will be sod deep to accommodate all without clutching a single soul. Believe that your child will find rest through love and the bond with her mother as well as from the love of God.

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