The Problems Associated With Playing Hide and Seek With God

Life has many challenges that we cannot handle on our own. It can take a toll on us and cause someone to live hopelessly or even take away their life. It is no doubt that we need a helping hand in every stage of our life. God is the only hope we have in helping us carry through life victoriously. He is able to give us the strength we need in life despite the challenges that we face. With the help of God, it is easy to scale a high wall and advance against a troop. With God’s helping hand, we live victorious through overcoming big challenges. Unfortunately, there are many things that force people to be hard headed and depend on their own strength. In such instances, people believe that they have the sole responsibility of their lives. Additionally, people become prisoners of spiritual metaphysics which forces people to believe that they are the way they are as a result of their thoughts and actions. More often than not, spiritual metaphysics makes people play hide and seek with god because they do not rely on Him for survival. Instead, they rely on reason and logic which are not related to religion in any way. The following are dangers of playing hide and seek with God.

One problem with playing hide and seek with God is that one becomes a weak Christian. This is because there is no supernatural power living inside the person. Because of the assumption that God cannot see what one is doing, there is a tendency of living without the instinct that one needs God. Characteristics of this are failure to read the Bible, little or no communication with God through prayers. The result is obviously weakness in terms of being overcome by temptations. Temptations are many in life such as falling into sexual sin, engaging in crime, et cetera. The absence of God makes them live reckless lives. On the other hand, if a person honestly seeks God, the way they live is different. You will know them by their fruits. This is because when one depends on the Holy Spirit, they have strength within them to enable them live well. The Spirit has many fruits such as kindness, self-control, faithfulness, gentleness just to mention but a few.

A person may struggle a lot in life when they play hide and seek with God. God says that we draw near to him and he will draw near to us. He will withhold= no good thing from us. We are his children and all he wants is the best for us. When we run away from him, it becomes difficult to experience His goodness on earth. In fact, cursed is the man who trusts in his own understanding and embraces spiritual metaphysics in the way they approach life. Due to independence from God, a person lives a purposeless life. Additionally, they cannot enjoy the fullness of life found in depending on God.

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