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Benefits of Boosting Your App Store Optimization

It’s anticipated that mobile application downloads will exceed three hundred and fifty-two billion by the year 2021, which means this is a tremendous market to get into in case you haven’t done so. Also your product lacks an online presence, it is always a good investment idea to look at the mobile app side of things. But it is not recommended that you create a mobile application and neglect it in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After creating an app, you need to optimize it to ensure it gets high conversion rates. It is important to note that app store optimization refers to a process where you improve the ranking of your mobile app in the mobile app stores. As an app developer, you need to understand that ASO operates the same as SEO. In both ASO and SEO, there is the use of optimal content on your app or site so that when people do internet research your application or website comes up first. On account of SEO, you need your site to spring up on the main page of Google. In this article, we’ll talk about reasons why you ought to improve your application store optimization.

The first benefit of improving your app store optimization is that it helps your app get discovered on various mobile stores. Up to sixty-three percent of total apps in the mobile stores are discovered by customers through searches hence if you don’t optimize your app you are losing a lot to your competitors. Your mobile application cannot be found in the beginning, second or even the third page if you don’t do optimization. A difference of one page can make a huge negative impact on the number of customers who find your app. When searching for a mobile app to download many users tend to look it up in the first and second page, this, therefore, means that you need to undertake ASO to ensure your application ranks high for best exposure to clients.

The second benefit of app store optimization is that it will get you more downloads. When numerous individuals can discover your application within an initial couple of pages of searching in a mobile application store, this implies you’ll acquire intrigue. With interest, many mobile users will read your app description, download it and give it a chance. An individual should understand that there is a direct relationship between application ranking and number of downloads. This makes sense since if an application is optimized ineffectively, it’ll end up on the tenth page of search results. Furthermore, since clients seldom look past an initial couple of pages, those applications won’t get the exposure they need for clients to think about using them.

In conclusion, there are many details why you need to do app store optimization as explained in this article.